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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

'I Wonder?' A Tribute to Gold Star Parents

Sitting alone in the dining room late one night I thought of all the parents who have lost their children in the War on Terror. As the father of a US Marine I have had the honor of becoming friends with some of these wonderful people. I am constantly amazed at their strength, their courage, and their loving concern for the ones who fight on. May God hold them in the palm of his hand, may the rest of us hold them in our hearts.

I woke to another beautiful morning, the sky was so bright and vivid! Each color stood out as the rays of the morning sun danced on beams of streaking light.I love it here, everyone's so nice, and goes out their way to make you feel welcome. Even so there are times I'd just like to sit with Mom and Dad for a few moments.I sure do miss Mom, she made the best chow in the world, and always teased me about drinking milk straight from the carton, or not taking off my shoes before I stomped in out of the rain. And Dad? Poor Dad couldn't let me out of his sight! I used his tools and didn't put them back. I drove his car on my first date. I fought with him, while all I wanted was to be just like him. They were wonderful parents, and I miss them so.I haven't been here long, only a year or so. It seems like I'll be here forever some days. That would be alright with me. It's good duty, a lot of my buddies are here and we laugh and talk about our old DI's, and how we didn't think we'd survive boot camp. Shoot, even a few of them are here! I guess nobody gets to be a DI forever.We talk sometimes about the war, places we served, places we can't forget, with names like Fallujah, Baghdad, and Ar Ramadi. Funny names for an American boy, but what happened there wasn't funny.We fought, we were scared sometimes but we fought hard, me and my brothers, my Marines. Some fell, some went home, some are still fighting. I pray for them every day. I am so proud to be a United States Marine, and I know they are too.I dreamed of my mother last night, it was so real I felt like I was holding her in my arms! It sounds crazy but I wondered if maybe Mom felt me hugging her from here? I hope so.Shoot! The CO is coming up the hill! I guess I got to get busy. I'm just kind of whiling away the day, hiding under this old shade tree. 'Good Morning, sir!' 'Yes sir! I'll get a few Marines to help me with that.' Well, I gotta go. We've got a new Marine coming in and the CO wants a few of us to meet him. 'Make him feel welcome, show him around a bit.' 'Aye Aye, Sir!'Ah', there's my buddies! They look like they're having a good day! Someone must have given them a heads up! Look at them in their Dress Blues! Those boys, they just love it when they can show the Blues and strut around.'Hey, Justin!' 'Matthew!' 'Byron!' 'Chris!', C'mon Marines, we've got to welcome a brother aboard!'I have to go now. If you see my Mom and Dad tell them I love them, I miss them, but I'm alright. Heaven's an awful nice place.


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