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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Do I What?

"Brendan Tyler! Get back here and put your pants on! Right now!"
I chuckled as I heard my daughter scolding Brendan and the rapid thud of little feet running up the stairs toward my office.
"Yes, baby?"
"Wanna' see my butt?"
"Is this a trick question?"
"No, Pa! I got new underwear! Look! Spongebob!"
"Hey! Those are pretty cool, buddy! Maybe Pa will get some?"
"You're too old, Pa."
"Gee, thanks. I'm cutting you out of my will, you know."
"What's a will, Pa?"
"Never mind."

Brendan has moved up in the world! He has boxer briefs now, and loves them. He wanted some because Keenan wears them, and Lord knows, if Keenan does it, it must be cool.

Our family is going through a difficult time, but any day that begins with Brendan running into my room for his good morning hug is a good day.

I love you, baby. I guess I'll leave you in the will after all.