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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Little Beatles Fan

How many four year olds can sing Beatles songs to you? Much less tell you who they were and what happened to them. Brendan came in from Head Start this afternoon singing 'Yellow Submarine', he remembers his Mama singing it to him when he was a 'little boy'. He's four now, and he'll readily tell you he's a 'big boy' these days. I got tickled as I listened to him tell his Mama about how John Lennon was shot, George died, but Ringo and Paul are still alive. He knows more about them than I do, and I'm just a tad older.
I like to talk to my grandson because he renews my faith in people. He knows he's in a home full of love and we're all deeply committed to making his life as warm and happy as we can. I only wish every child had the same. There would be a lot less hate in the world and we'd all be better off.


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