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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Death of A Hero

Our community said goodbye to US Army Staff Sergeant Michael Deason today. Deason was killed in action in Iraq on August 31, less than a week from the end of his tour and his return home to his wife and two children.
Deason's father had requested the procession wind it's way through our city so 'Mike can see home one more time.' The family asked the community to turn out, to line the route for SSgt Deason, to let him know his sacrifice was appreciated and his loss mourned. He wouldn't have been disappointed. Hundreds of his hometown folks stood silently as he passed, carried to his final resting place in a glass sided, gloss black travois hearse, pulled by a motorcycle.
I hope his family found some comfort in the presence of their neighbors and their show of respect for SSgt Deason. May he rest in peace.


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